How quarantine affected Whitewater students

Maddy couch, Writer

What did most Whitewater students find themselves doing during quarantine?

In March of 2020, a quarantine was issued in Fayette county due to the spread of Covid-19 shutting down schools and causing everyone to be stuck inside. During these difficult times, people had nothing to do and nowhere to go; so what helped them pass the time during quarantine? Most Whitewater students found themselves glued to their phones, but not socializing with friends. However, they were usually using apps such as Netflix or Tik Tok. Several students claimed to be in a crazy schedule of eating more snacks, staying up too late and crashing throughout the day. “My sleep schedule was definitely messed up like sometimes I didn’t even go to sleep until 10 am and wake up at 1 pm” stated Makayla Childs (12). A routine was very hard for students to keep track of and never knew what day of the week it was.