Reopening of Schools: Georgia vs. Other Dates


Hannah Stai, News Editor

Welcome back to school: where masks cover bright smiles and hugs are unacceptable. Being Georgians residing in Fayette County, school-age children are slowly but surely adapting to the new rules and regulations of their school reopening its doors. Georgia State Officials have since given the right to local school districts on how they wish to proceed in deciding in-person schooling versus online schooling. But how has Georgia reacted to this pandemic compared to other states?


Just south of us, in Florida, lawyers and officials continue to debate whether it’s safe enough to have students return back to school. Some claim face-to-face learning is the best way to guarantee a high-quality education that the Florida constitution promises. While others claim that face-to-face learning would endanger Florida’s youth and their loved ones. In-person learning for Florida schools continues to be delayed as the debates continue.


On the westside of California, however, information provided about in-person learning goes as far as posting the guidelines teachers and students are expected to follow as school continues to be delayed. Just like Florida, many officials and lawmakers continue to debate on the safety of students and their families. 


Of course in this day and age, many students have taken to social media platforms to complain or praise the methods their local schools are taking to introduce in-person learning. However, students focus more on the comfort of themselves, rather than the overall practicality of school. It seems almost as if methods of returning back to school is going to be a fail-and-learn situation.