How do students feel in the second week of school?

Maddy Couch, Writer

We are now in the second week of school and some students feel differently about it so far. Although we are back in school some things have changed. Some students choose the option to do online virtual classes instead. Those who have decided to come back to school are required to wear a mask throughout the day. Some students dislike this change while others do not mind as much, along with other changes. Whitewater student Kristina Kostley states,” wearing a mask is not my favorite, it’s really hard to breathe in and I am just not used to having something like that on my face all day.” Another change includes two groups A and B causing some classes to have smaller amounts of students in each class. While some prefer this option others would rather have their original class. “I don’t like it because I can’t see a lot of my friends,” Whitewater student Maddie Pittman states. One of the biggest changes since coming back to school is the three virtual days. Some believe that the three days are good for students to catch up on work before coming back the following week. Whitewater student Anthony Salamonca states,”I am learning to time manage more because of the amount of work and the different due dates.” Although these are only some opinions on the changes made at school, we can all continue to work hard and become stronger from it.