Life with Goats


Emma Becraft, Entertainment Editor


Life with goats is an amazing life. Goats are super smart but at the same time can be the dumbest creatures on Earth. When you first get goats, you want to get them as “kids” (baby goats) so you can stop them from developing bad habits and get them adjusted to how the rest of their life is going to be at a young age. Goats can be very resilient especially when growing up because they are going through their rebellious phase. I have 4 male goats, 2 are Nubians and the other 2 are Nigerian Dwarves. My family got the 2 Nigerian Dwarves as older goats so they weren’t as easy to train as the nubians. We got the Nubians as “kids” and showed them unlimited amounts of love and attention and they grew up loving to be pet and played with while the older goats are still more timid and still like being pet, but it has to be on their own terms. If you want goats for the companionship you 100% have to raise them with unconditional love and affection. If you want goats primarily for milk, to eat weeds, or just to rent out to other people, you could easily just put the goats in their pen during the day and feed them at night and not have to interact with them at all during the day. You need to make sure your goats have a shelter because they are very scared of rain and like all animals, do not like getting wet. You should also build or buy a couple of wooden structures. It could be as simple as putting a wooden plank on another in kind of a see-saw fashion so they can play on that. Goats are very playful and get bored, lonely, and depressed easily so you want to have at least 2 goats so they can have a companion to play with. All-in-all goats are a very great animal to keep in your backyard if you have the space and time.