Embracing the Madness


Nolan Brown, Sports Editor

The past year has been full of surprises, but as students and teachers adapt to these oncoming changes, flexibility has been the key to stability. Mr. Kerry Moore, an AP U.S. History and CP U.S. history teacher explained some of his own advancements amidst the uncertainty. “Its required a lot of lateral thinking…the hardest part is drumming up the spirit of enthusiasm.” Moore also cited the connection with his students as what he missed the most, The general sense of excitement and comradery that my classes usually have, the positive relationship that I have with my kids.” Despite the troubles that are to be expected with new systems, guidelines, and the new school year overall, Moore displayed a stirring faith in his students, “I know they are totally capable and motivated to stay on track, and to do well at what they’re doing.” The confidence in Moore’s words can serve as a mantra to staff and students alike as the school navigates these changes together.