Judge Rules University of California Can’t use SAT and ACT for Admissions

Judge Rules University of California Can't use SAT and ACT for Admissions

Caroline Breedon, Junior Editor-In-Chief

A superior court judge has ruled that the University of California can longer use the ACT and SAT tests for admissions. Alameda County Superior Court Judge, Brad Seligman, said the “test optional” policy gives privileged, non-disabled students a “second look” in admissions. He said a “second look” would be denied to less privileged students and students with disabilities who are unable to take the tests. “The current COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in restrictions in the availability of test sites,” Seligman stated in his ruling. “While test-taking opportunities for all students have been limited, for persons with disabilities, the ability to obtain accommodations or even locate suitable test locations are almost nil.” A spokesperson for the University of California said it “respectfully disagrees with the Court’s ruling. An injunction may interfere with the University’s efforts to implement an appropriate comprehensive admissions policies and its ability to attract and enroll students of diverse backgrounds and experiences.” The university is considering taking further legal action. Many students have been pushing for the removal of the tests with the argument that the tests do not reflect on a student’s academic ability.