Win a Golden Ticket and a Candy Factory


Caroline Breedon, Junior Editor-In-Chief

The founder of the name Jelly Belly is launching several golden ticket treasure hunts across the country before his retirement. David Klein says gold tickets are being hidden in secret locations throughout the U.S. Klein said the big winner will walk away with the key to their own candy factory. Thousands of dollars in prizes are also included in the hunt. According to contest rules, “you will be looking for a Gold Ticket in the form of a necklace with a tag that includes a code you need to verify your fund. Winners will receive $5,000.”

Klein stated, “We are going to have the ultimate treasure hunt where the winner will be receiving a key to one of our candy factories. The world needs this right now, we have received thousands of comments from people who say this has come at such a perfect time.” The contest is not free and participants will have to pay about $50 to receive their state’s riddle.