Selena Gomez “Rare Beauty”


Maddy couch, writer

On September third Selena Gomez released her new makeup brand called “Rare Beauty”. Selena made “Rare Beauty” because she wanted to change the beauty standards of today. Her new makeup line not only focuses on “breaking the mold” of the beauty standards, but she also focuses on Mental health. Selena and her team plan to raise 100 million dollars and give it all to mental health foundations and to raise more awareness. “Rare Beauty” is also one of the few makeup brands that actually discusses mental health and all of the makeup products are positive names such as, “With Gratitude Dewy Lip Balm” and “Positive Light Liquid Luminizer”. Since 2015, Selena has suffered from a disease which is known as lupus. One of the things lupus severely affects is her joints, causing her to shake and making it difficult to open normal makeup products. Therefore, she has made all of her products easier from anyone who suffers from the same or a similar disease. The brand also includes 8 liquid blushes, 8 liquid highlighters, a matte liquid eyeliner, 12 shades of matte lip color, 8 shades of a dual-ended brow pencil and gel, 8 shades of tinted lip balm, a touch-up kit with refillable powder and blotting papers, three tools, an illuminating primer, a multi-tasking face mist, and 48 shades of liquid foundation and concealer. “Rare Beauty” is more of a natural looking brand because Selena wanted those who buy her product to enhance their beauty not cover it up. The product is also cruelty- free, vegan, and animal test-free which was important for her and her team to include.