5 environmentally-friendly school supplies


Lexi Ransier

1. Biodegradable Corn Pens

These pens are made from a corn-based starch plastic. This might sound kinda weird since most pens are made from a recyclable plastic that can just be discarded once the ink is gone, but these corn-based pens decompose in about a year unlike regular pens, which takes over 1,000 years!

2. Corn Plastic Calculator

This calculator is made from biodegradable corn plastic. it is solar-powered and has full function to square root, percentage, and memory. it is eco-friendly and small enough to keep in a pencil bag.

3. Wood Ink Pen

this is a refillable olive wood pen. This pen was made in Kenya and is a good replacement from plastic and metal pens. Plus, these pens are handcrafted and made in multiple colors! you can have one pen for each day of the week! the ink is also vegan based.

4. Bamboo Dry Erase Board

these are recusable and good for carrying around school or work. it is made from eco-friendly materials, such as bamboo. This board has a removable stand and has a unique writing board so you can write smoothly and erase your marks easily!

5. Beeswax-free reusable food wraps

These food wraps are Beewax-free and are easily reusable. These wraps are easy to clean and easy to use. They stick together easily and can be used for pretty much anything. You can just simply run them under water or put them in a light wash in the dishwasher after use.