COVID-19: The Long Haulers


Hannah Stai, News Editor

Five months after contracting COVID-19, Lucy Gahan’s life has not completely returned to normal. She claims the disease causes what she calls “storms,” disabling periods when she feels shortness of breath, numbness in her hands and feet, and her heart rate shoots up from simple tasks. Because of these odd attacks, Gahan is unable to return to work.

“In May and June, I could barely talk because I was so ill,” she said. Before her run-in with COVID-19 in early April, Gahan ran three times a week and followed a regular yoga routine.

Nowadays she “can only walk as far as the corner” and doesn’t believe she will ever get around to running again like she used to.

Lucy Gahan is one of the thousands around the world for whom COVID-19 has turned into a chronic condition. These sufferers have labeled themselves as “COVID-19 long haulers” and feel they aren’t getting recognition for their suffering from a disease that has been disabled for months.