5 ways to better the environment


Lexi Ransier, Writer

We can no longer take our environment for granted. An average person produces 4.5 pounds of trash per day, which is over 1500 pounds of trash a year from a single person! There are hundreds of ways that we can help improve the environment, but what are some simple ways to help it by yourself? I have 6 ways for you.


1. Walking instead of driving

A typical car produces around 5 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide a year! one Metric Ton is equivalent to 1,000 Kilograms, which is about 2, 200 Pounds. That means that cars produce over 11,000 pounds of carbon dioxide a year! just think, if you start walking to places, the pollution will cut down substantially.

2. Use renewable energy at home and work

This consists of wind, sun, and geothermal energy. These could substitute unrenewable like oil and natural gas. Soler panels and shingles can be used in American homes and workplaces.

3. Buy Locally

Buying from places like Farmer’s markets, or local grocery stores will get you fresher foods like poultry and fish. Market pollution is much lower because of low transportation rates.

4.  Recycle

You should recycle any object that you don’t use as long as it is able to be recycled. These things can be reused to make other things, but they take thousands of years to decompose if just thrown on the ground.

5. create a social fabric.

Spreading your awareness online can help build and strengthen our social fabric. Holding cleanup events or even just posting pictures of your progress can help.