Time To Get Creative ft. IOS 14


Makayla Childs

Recently, Apple has sent out an update on apple products that allows you to customize your home screen to whatever anesthetic fits you. It literally takes less than ten hours to do and it only took me less than two hours to customize mine. The update comes with more than just that, it allows you to do so much more. For example, when you go to facetime someone it pops up in the corner of the screen. How cool is that! So you might not know all the new features that come with IOS 14 but I can help with that. First things first, If you’re in a group chat you can tag people and make a group chat picture. Second of all, you can pin conversations to the top so you don’t have to scroll through all the messages on your phone. I’m not gonna be able to name all the features because there is just way too many. The coolest feature for me is definitely the home-screen factor and the fact that you can customize it. Say you love cars and/or into old classic music. All you have to do is download Pinterest, Widgetsmith, and Color Widgets. Just in case you need some daily motivation you can make that one also. There is basically a widget for everything. Down below, I put an example of one of my home screens so hopefully, you guys get even more creative.