Curology Skin Care


Maddy Couch , Writer

Curology is a cosmetic company that provides prescription skin care products customized for each customer’s skin type and they are also provided with dermatologists to answer any questions. The skincare line comes with a three-step process for everyday use. When a customer is first signed up they are asked to take pictures of their skin for the dermatologist, while also answering some questions about their skin to figure out the best formula for them. They state that they are well equipped, “with their combined 107 years of experience”. The first trial set comes in three small bottles, the cleanser, the customized formula, and the moisturizer. On the Curology website, they have several articles with information about ways to help your skincare routine and to improve your skin. Not only can you decide what your custom formula targets with your skincare products, but if you want to change what your formula is targeting with your skin then you can easily message your dermatologist. Curology is skincare that you customize for your needs and wants for your skin.