Maddy Couch, Writer

Coraline is a movie based in multiple genres, such as horror, fantasy, children’s film, and animation. The movie is about a young girl named Caroline who moves into a new house called the pink palace where she discovers a secret door. What lies behind the door is an alternate world that is similar to her own, but instead is in many ways better. In the alternate world she meets a woman and a man who look exactly like her mother and father except they have buttons for eyes. They are known as the other mother and the other father and each time she visits the alternative world she gets whatever she desires. Although Coraline is enjoying her new world, the other mother wants something from her in order for her to return to the better world. Coraline continues going to the alternative world only to find out the horrifying truth about it and her other mother. The only way for her to end this dream turned into a nightmare is to find the missing items and her parents. Will she find her parents, and end this nightmare watch the movie Coraline and find out.