Weekly Music Introduction


Logan Calder, Writer

In 1978 a band called Social Distortion was formed in Fullerton California and slowly through the years they’ve been around became one of the greatest punk bands ever since the music genre came out in the 1970’s. Though the band has been through a lot with drugs alcohol and the lead singer Mike Ness going to jail, they have stayed a solid choice for anyone who likes punk and have had some top choice records since they got there first album deal in 1982 with 13 floor records where they released their first album Mommy’s Little Monster. The whole band includes Mike Ness who is the vocalist and lead guitarist, Jonny Wichersham who plays rhythm guitar, Brent Harding who plays bass, David Hidalgo jr. who play drums, and finally David Kallish who plays piano, most have been around since the early two thousands because the others have either quit or died. Though punk nowadays isn’t as popular as in the 70’s 80’s and 90’s a lot of people still listen to Social Distortion and a lot of other punk bands from the earlier years of the genres life.