The World is Beautiful


Nolan Brown, Sports Editor

One of Autrey’s works

As the months passed on and quarantine became part of everyday life, many of us had to adapt at home, bringing forth new hobbies and reigniting old flames. One student, Lauren Autrey, found a particular relief in painting and the arts, filling her time between the new school year. “I’ve been doing art during quarantine as a way to stay productive and creative. Painting as an outlet for me has been amazing when social situations are limited. I enjoyed painting portraits of my friends at the very beginning of quarantine, and later on I started painting on clothes and doing landscapes…Using markers is expressive for me and helps me put down raw emotion on paper, and over quarantine, I’ve developed more skill capturing these feelings. What motivates me to keep drawing is how beautiful the world is. Having more time, I’m noticing more about the world, being able to manipulate the scenery with colors and shapes to show how I see it is an amazing thing. The world is beautiful.” It’s so important for all of us to be able to identify and appreciate that beauty, even in times of such uncertainty. Make sure to also take a look at her depop at laurenxautrey for original clothing and designs.