Best Dressed Week 2


Makayla Childs, Writer

As we evolve and change, so does our taste in everything. Fashion is just one of the many things that have changed. From the length to the designs being made, it never stays the same. From time to time the old-styled fashion makes a comeback and is a roaring success. But of course, it all depends on what is “in” with the majority of people. From the season to a certain day, style may be dictated to best suit a person and/or style.

People should be able to express how they want to dress without breaking the dress code. I want people to come in simple but cute outfits, I’m not saying that you don’t have to be comfortable. Just try and be yourself as much as possible because you don’t wanna be something you’re not. I wanna be able to see your character or who you are through your outfit. 

So for this week, I chose Brianna Foster because I got a somewhat vintage type vibe from her outfit and you hardly ever see people wear outfits like that in High School. On a typical school day, you would basically see people wearing sweatshirts and sweats, which isn’t that exciting to see. As you can see, she is sporting a flannel with a black shirt underneath, loose ripped blue jeans and I believe some black & white low tops. She stated that “Most of [her outfits are] from the Park Avenue Thrift Store” located in downtown Fayetteville, Ga. She also stated that she doesn’t have any inspiration when it comes down to her creating her famous masterpieces. So basically if you ever wanna find some cute clothes for cheap you can always cruise on down the street to the thrift store and get some thrifty clothes. I would 100% recommend this thrift store, I have been there over a thousand times and plus there’s always a discount.