Skincare Specialist/Youtuber


Maddy couch, writer

Hyram Yarbro is a 24 year old skincare specialist who also has a youtube channel called skincare by Hyram. His youtube channel consists of skin care routines, product reviews, and beauty ingredients. He occasionally reacts to other influencers or celebrities’ skin care routines while critiquing them. Hyram gives his viewers information on ways to improve your skin care routine, ingredients that you should stay away from, ingredients that benefit you, and other lifestyle steps to help with acne. He even gives his own life experiences that he learned from to help with his skin, but Hyram hasn’t always been a skincare specialist. Before Hyram had started youtube he began to play with makeup due to an eating disorder and soon after that he began his journey in skincare. He began to question why people were buying all these expensive skincare products, but not seeing the results they wanted. Soon after he did his research, he started his youtube channel with limited knowledge, as he states, “I had very limited knowledge at the beginning and just wanted to share with people.” Hyram illustrates that he wanted people to know expensive products are not always better, but that your skincare routine doesn’t need to be complex, simple is better.