Life with Dangerous Dogs


Emma Becraft, Entertainment Editor

A lot of dog breeds that are considered dangerous actually have the potential to be the sweetest dogs. First of all, any dog can be aggressive or passive. It all depends on how you raise the dog and the training methods you use. I have had many dogs perceived as aggressive and anyone who has entered my home with a fear of big dogs such as mine, have immediately overcome their fear because the dogs are so big and cuddly. All dogs need is love, discipline, and food, and they’ll be the best dogs. For example, Dobermans were bred to be loyal and they are *very* protective. The reason they become aggressive is that they feel there is a danger towards them, or more importantly, their owner. The same thing goes for German shepherds. It’s not that they take enjoyment out of attacking someone or scaring people, it’s the fact that they sense danger and do not like strangers because they do not know their intentions. All this being said, caution should still be exercised because any dog that believes it is in immediate danger will lash out and end up harming someone. Especially bigger dogs, even though they can be extremely sweet, they still have very sharp teeth and very strong jaws. Anyway, whether you have a big or small dog, whether it’s hyper or shy, show them some love because everyone/everything deserves a little bit of love. <3