Is College As Crucial As Some Say It Is?


Logan Calder, Writer

                  Ever since the university of bologna opened in 1088 the institutions grew throughout the world and brought education to people who wanted to become something, like a doctor or lawyer. Nowadays these universities are still used as learning institutions however are they still as relevant today as they were then? First of all, when going through college a person is there to get a degree in order to do a more delicate profession which is why a person needs so many years to be a doctor or a lawyer. However, most don’t use the degree they get and instead pursue an easier and higher paying job sometimes. So the question is do people need to go to college to be successful and should schools be pushing college on kids. Well to answer this people need to look at two things trade school, and people who aren’t college graduates that are extremely successful. In the world of college trade schools are sometimes seen as lesser, however this is incorrect because the people who go to trade school are the people who are plumbers, mechanics, welders, technicians, and home constructors. As for people who are insanely successful that didn’t go to college you need not go any further than your phone and its programs or more specifically the people who made them like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. These two entrepreneurs dropped out of college to pursue their ideas and they certainly hit the bigtime with their multi billion dollar companies becoming two really popular websites people use. So whether or not college is relevant or needed is for a person to decide by themselves because it’s all about what people want to do with their life and there time.