Two Guinea Pigs looking for new homes

Guinea pigs Needing new homes

Lexi Ransier


There are two Guinea pigs looking for a new home!

One is a white, black, and brown Abyssinian guinea pig. It is a male and Is about a year and a half old.

The second one is a classic brown American Guinea Pig. Also male, and is almost a year old.

These two piggies live together well and they have been with each other for about 7 months. They know when to ask for food(They will speak at you and nudge the bars of the cage.

The Abyssinian guinea pig is a sweet boy. He enjoys getting treats and roaming around with you. He will also come to you if you call him over(He understands my snapping, imitating his squeaks, making kissing sounds to him, or tapping the floor or wall.) He loves head rubs and getting his bum scratched, and he LOVES sleeping and cuddling.

The Brown American Piggy is a bit more feisty than his brother. He enjoys getting his nose and back scratched, but he will nip if you get too close to his mouth or if you touch him when he doesn’t want to be touched.

They don’t understand their current names(Hammy and Docter O.) So you may give them any names you like!

They also need their nails clipped every few weeks, but they will come with one brush and one pair of nail scissors(These are made or rodents)

They also have a cage, two water bottles, two food bowls, a chewing log, half of a chewing hide, A blue playpen(Made for rodents), and a hay holder(With a bottom part to hold pellets as well)

They are two very handsome boys and they love to hang out and walk around out of the cage!

The brown piggy will need some time to warm up to you, he gets scared easily and doesn’t trust many people, but the Abyssinian piggy should warm up quite quickly!

finally, they work well with new piggies, so you can let them play with new guinea pigs that you already have(Just make sure you watch them. you can never be too careful when it comes to the boys)



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