Virtual Halloween

It’s October, you know what that means, it’s a spooky season. Although there is a possibility that you may not get to have that crazy, big halloween party or get together with friends you can still have fun. There are so many ways to still have a good time with your friends or family and so many opportunities to become creative. You could have a virtual costume party, virtual halloween games, horror/ halloween movie marathon, virtual costume contest, there are even some virtual events going on. If you plan on staying home anyways you and your friends can give each other a certain amount of movie suggestions and you have to watch them all before the night is over. Some virtual halloween events going on include, Highball Halloween 2020 Virtual event, virtual parades, and even some virtual haunted Houses at Frightbytes. Check all these virtual halloween activities online to learn more about them. Don’t worry Halloween isn’t ruined, it’s only just begun. Remember Halloween is all about being creative with our costumes so why not get great creative with your activities and parties. Have a spooky October Wildcats!