Wholesome News You Missed


Hannah Stai, News Editor

As we all have been collectively experiencing, this whole year has been a rollercoaster of stress and high running emotions. Year-long, the news outlets we often retreat to either at the start of our day or the end, have been buried with political stories as the election nears closer, COVID updates and pandemic restrictions, and bad news overall.

But today, let’s shed some light on more positive and heartwarming news that might have been buried by negative headlines throughout the year. 

To start off in an October exclusive event, we have Toad, a french bulldog who will be dressing up in various Halloween costumes every day leading up to Halloween. So far, this adorable bundle of fur has dressed up as characters such as Mr. Incredible, Mickey Mouse, Squints from the Sandlot, Wolverine, and even MC Hammer!

Toad’s owner, Amy Herrington, said she and her husband “use silly characters from our favorite movies,” and that thanks to quarantine, they “got into making a fun little page” for their best boy. You can follow Toad’s modeling of his Halloween catalog on his Instagram page, @goodboy.toad.

Next up, we have a kind father who happily volunteered to build desks for virtual students who need them. Mitchell Couch, a building inspector with over 20 years of carpentry experience, started this DIY project for his own children and to obtain all materials needed, was only a quick trip to the hardware store and at least $50 in his wallet.

After posting the desks he made for his children, his inbox became flooded with messages from parents requesting for blueprints and tutorials on how to build said desks. After making a YouTube channel with tutorials, Couch got a sudden request, family friends Karin and David McKinney offered to pick up supplies for Couch, and he would then build and deliver desks to those in need.

“They’re home. They’re struggling,” McKinny said. “We thought, just a place for them to be, a spot for them to have to do their work would be beneficial.”

And to finish off, after 3,000 years, Tasmanian Devils make a comeback on mainland Australia. This release is only one step in the mission to rewild Australia and bring balance to the bush, according to nonprofit Aussie Ark. To date, more than 390 devils have been born and raised at Aussie Ark in a way that fosters natural behavior in the animals so that when they are released, they are well adapted to the wild already.

Following the wildfires from earlier this year, 26 Tasmanian devils were released into a 400-hectare wild sanctuary. And in the next two years, Aussie Ark plans two additional recess of 20 devils each. And if all goes well, the animals will breed and lead to a self-sustaining wild population.