Virtual Learning Mishaps


Hannah Stai, News Editor

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on separate views, virtual learning for Fayette County teachers and students will be stalled as of October 19th. After roughly 7 months, many students and teachers have gotten a good feel of what virtual learning entails. As a result, many teachers have funny or interesting stories involving the new age of technology heavily integrating into our education. 

Mrs. Bright, a 10th grade World Literature and Debate teacher, had a tale: during a Zoom Call with last year’s class, her smoke alarm suddenly went off and one of her students hilariously asked if they needed to evacuate.

Mrs. Clark, a Gifted Chemistry teacher and a STEM advisor, had a rather more frustrating online experience. With two college-aged children and a fellow teacher as a husband, Clark’s internet was painfully slow at home. As a result, they often had to relocate to different places and use hotspots where they could get better signals. One day, Mr. and Mrs. Clark was sitting in the front seat of their car, as one of their children sat in the back taking a college exam. 

And lastly, Mrs.Grossbohlin, an AP World History and AP European History teacher, had many unfortunate run-ins with nature during her online teaching. During one Zoom Call with her class, her exterminator found a copperhead on her porch, and as the slithery creature was killed, Mrs. G’s students could hear her screaming. And as of this year, while recording her asynchronous lectures, she has been heard screaming about a spider on her wall and disciplining her misbehaving dog, King Louis. But look at this adorable boy, who could stay mad at him!