Best Family Halloween Movies


Maddy Couch, Writer

It’s October and with that comes fun halloween activities, good halloween candy, but most importantly the halloween movies we hopefully all know and love. Here are just some of the best family friendly halloween movies to watch this spooky season. The first one is called Hocus Pocus, which is about three evil witches who take the souls of children to stay young, but they are caught and sentenced to death. The legend has it that in order for these three witches to come back they need a virgin to light the candle on halloween night. The next movie is Casper the friendly ghost, Casper is about a woman who is given this old house and she believes there is treasure inside. She then hires a man and his daughter who move into the old house to clean out the ghost that lives inside. One of the ghosts is a young boy named Casper and three other annoying ghosts who seem to make trouble everywhere they go. The young girl and Casper meet and they explore the old house helping him remember his family and his home. The third movie is Halloween Town, A mom and her three kids always stay inside on halloween night, but when grandma comes to visit that night they all end up in a town called Halloween Town where supernatural beings can live their “normal” lives. The kids themselves find out that they are also a part of the supernatural world and must fight to against evil to save the town and the ones they love.