Modern-day Heroes

Modern-day Heroes

Lexi Ransier

Our world is full of heroes, fictional and non-fictional. But what is the difference between a fictional and a non-fictional Hero? Well, other than reality, I say mindset and actions. For example, let’s look at Bob Geldof and Margaret Thatcher

Bob Geldof – Pop singer turned poverty campaigner

Bob Geldof is facing ongoing efforts with live aid/8 to draw the world’s attention to the third world poverty and hunger. He had been a huge inspiration and had made an enormous difference in their-word country lives.

¨He had heled changed views on color and race, as well as raising charity and saving several lives.¨ Said Emma Bennett

Don Michelle says, ¨Because he says it how he sees it and continues to try to use his position in life to make things better for those who can’t do it themselves.¨

Margaret Thatcher – British Conservative prime minister(1979-1990)

She started out as an ice-cream chemist but became an iron lady, still dominating politics after leaving the British office.

She changed everything when it came to British politics. The atmosphere of the pre-emptive cringe that successive ministries of both parties and industrial management, and the embarrassment that the British felt towards profit and productivity. In order to get elected, she changed British politics so fundamentally that the labor partyś had to stop socialism to change its name and objectives. Margaret changed the failing policy of détente with communism into the confrontational one that brought down the berlin wall eventually in 1989