Fun Halloween Activities

Maddy Couch, Writer

Although this might not be the typical Halloween season we all wanted does not mean we can’t have fun. I’ve told you some spooky movies, virtual halloween, but now it’s time for some fun Halloween activities to do with your friends and family! One of the traditional things to do is to carve pumpkins of course, but why not spice it up and add props to your pumpkins or make them look like your family and friends. Another fun spooky activity is toilet paper mummy game, all you have to do is cover your teammate in all the toilet paper you have and the first to run out wins. Frankenstein bowling, get a few tin cans together, you can paint them or cover them with halloween themed paper. Once you’ve decorated them in some form or fashion, you set the all up and bam you have your Frankenstein bowling. Pumpkin Patch Stomp, kids will also love this game. All you need for this game are balloons and some prizes to put inside them or you could put a whole twist on the game and put dares. Once you have placed the items you want inside the balloons, blow them up and go ahead and stomp!A few other fun ones include, halloween face painting, a halloween scavenger hunt, and halloween charades. Halloween is all about having fun, so get creative and spooky because it is the spookiest season after all.