Remembering Eddie Van Halen


Logan Calder, Writer


                        In 1955 Eddie van Halen was born in Nijmegen in the Netherlands and then moved to California in the early sixties and grew up there. While growing up he was pushed into classical music and music theory by his Dutch parents which was the original inspiration for his famous tapping technique on guitar. Throughout his career Eddie said that his only inspiration was Eric Clapton, a guitarist of extreme reputation who was well known for classics such as “ Layla”, “Crossroads”, and “ Wonderful Tonight”. While Eddie was in his band Van Halen with legends like David Lee Roth, Alex Van Halen, and Mark Stone, he grew as a guitarist and slowly became one of the world’s greatest guitarists, but success has its shortcomings especially during the eighties when drugs, alcohol, and parting were king in Hollywood and the music world. Eddie and the rest of his band mates battled with alcohol abuse to the point where they said they couldn’t function without it and believed that if they kept going the way they had been they would die. So they went to rehab in the late 2000’s and were sober from then on but sadly another problem arose in 2001 when Eddie was diagnosed with throat cancer. He fought for 19 years with this disease and on October 6th he died from his affliction, his band mates were destroyed and so was the rest of the world at the news, Afterwards people began having memorials for Eddie in honor of the 65 years he was alive. Eddie van Halen was one of the greatest guitarists the world had ever seen and even though he’s gone he will go down in history as a legend.