Inside the mind of A Whitewater Teacher about going code green


Maddy Couch, Writer

Although some of us are getting use to code yellow most of us are ready to get back into school. Students have expressed how they feel about this new change of code yellow and going code green, but how do teachers feel?

I have asked Whitewater English teacher Mrs. Poss how she feels about going back to school full time. She explains, “Like most of us, my hope is for us to return excitedly and safely. While we will be ecstatic to see our friends again and to return to some semblance of normalcy, I want to ensure that at WHS, we practice the utmost respect for each other’s health and well-being.” It is important that although there will be more students in the classrooms we all need to make sure that we continue to practice the safety precautions. Some students believe that going back full time will benefit their grades drastically considering we would be in a classroom all week. Mrs. Poss agrees stating, “Since there has been such a heavy focus on independent assignments, I think students will be relieved to be in class again, receiving face-to-face instruction for the entire week. They will be able to ask more questions, to practice and hone skills, and to interact in meaningful discussion with their peers. My hope is that after having been on a virtual and hybrid school schedule, students will be grateful for these face-to-face interactions and be wholly engaged in their learning– that, ultimately, they will not take their education for granted. As a teacher, I know I will benefit from meaningful student engagement and from being able to change the pace of instruction.” She explains that it will not only benefit the students, but also the teachers. She believes going back full time will be very beneficial to the students considering their independent assignments will decrease and more in class time will make things easier.

It seems Mrs. Poss is ready for students to go back full time and excited to see al her students in one classroom.