Homecoming Week


Hannah Stai, News Editor

After a few adjustments in the schedule, next week is the official Whitewater Homecoming game! Unfortunately, there will be no dance this year due to COVID-19 precautions, however, there are still plenty of Whitewater Homecoming festivities the student body and faculty can participate in.

For the week of October 18, will be a rather busy week. The school will now be in full attendance, minus any students taking virtual this year. Despite not having a homecoming dance this year, students and faculty are still allowed to dress up in the daily themes.

On Monday, the theme is Pajama Day! Too lazy to get ready? You ever just want to roll out of bed and leave? Well, now you can! Feel free to grab your favorite nightcap and gown, and turn the coffee pot on! 

Tuesday the 19th is a day to show your support for your favorite team with Jersey Day. Any sport, any team, any player, the choice is yours! Just keep the throwing and kicking on the fields.

There will be no school on Wednesday, however, starting at 7:00 pm will be the homecoming powder puff games. You can find a signup sheet for the games on the WHS Wildcat homepage under homecoming in the student resources tab. Tickets will be sold for $5. Come down and watch the riveting rivalry between freshmen and sophomores and the brutal battle between juniors and seniors!

For Thursday, we have a new theme: Heroes vs. Villains. From Marvel to DC, any hero or any villain you prefer. Gather your friends and call “Avengers, Assemble!” Or, dress in your finest world-ending outfit and plot your most devious actions.

And to end the week, Friday will be a day to honor the senior class of 2021 with senior toga day! The underclassmen will be either wearing their underclass shirts or their WHS shirts.

Next Saturday, October 24, 2020, will be the homecoming football game against McIntosh, and kick-off will be at 7:30. The homecoming game is usually the biggest game of the season, so make sure you reserve tickets before they run out! Come out loud and proud in support of our Wildcats!