Thrillers and Horror Novels to get into the Halloween Spirit


Thrillers are a great way to get into the Halloween spirit. Whether it be a movie or a book, these novels and books are perfect to set the mood!

Thrillers are books or novels that set the mood of crime and (sometimes) Horror. Whether it be true or fictional, they always find ways to keep you on the edge of your seat.

some of Today’s trending thrillers are:

The hateful eight- 2015

Zodiac- 2007

Green Room- 2015

Cam- 2018

The hurt Locker- 2008

These are some of the top-rated(According to Google) and are perfect for Halloween movie nights!


Horror movies are another amazing way to occupy you this Halloween. COVID has made the holidays….complicated, and with the possibility that Halloween will be ¨Canciled¨ Horror is the best way to go. Horror, just like Trillers, can be a mix of stories and movies, both fiction and non-fiction.

Stephen King, Shirley Jackson, Anne Rice, and Mary Shelly are all great examples of amazing horror writers.

movies may include:

Pet Sematary

IT(New and old)

The Stand

The Shinning

Doctors Sleep

Let’s play

Lights out

and finally, The Grudge

Both of these lists will be a great way to start out a large movie(Or book) marathon for our quarantined holidays.