New Magnetic Lashes


Maddy Couch, Writer

Recently a company called Eylure came out with new fake eyelashes. These fake lashes are not like every other normal lash you see because they are magnetic lashes. The new technology allows you to put on false lashes without any glue, but instead with the Promagnetic eyeliner. The kit comes with the eyeliner and a pair of soft Faux Mink lashes. They are very light weight, easy to remove and will last up to 15 wears while the eyeliner is smudge-proof. They are easy to apply, you simply 3 coats of liner across the entire length of the lash line and wait for it to dry. Their website has two recommended pro tips which include, start with a thin layer of liner then continue to build your line, pro tip number two is try to build the liner as thick as the lash band for a better hold. The last step is to apply the lashes directly to the liner and press to secure it and if you want to re adjust the lashes gently take them off and reapply a fresh coat or two of liner before placing. These new lashes are available at Target as well for only $14.99 so go grab some and try them for yourself!