Studying for Your Permit Test


Studying for your permit test can be a daunting task. The test itself is 40 questions in total, 20 road questions, and 20 questions where you have to match the sign to the meaning. All of the questions are multiple-choice, but the answers are similar, so you really need to know the answers and study. When you’re beginning, a good start is to read through the driver’s manual, which you can pick up at the DMV and highlight things you did not know before. You then write the highlighted sections out by hand so you can remember them better. After you’ve read through the manual and written down what was highlighted, I highly suggest you download an app called DRIVER START – Permit Test – Driver’s License Test. Once downloaded, you select your state and you can take as many practice tests as you want and it gives you all the possible questions that would be asked on the test. When you’re secure on the app and you feel comfortable, you *need* to take the official practice test on the Georgia Department of Driving Services website (the link for the practice test: until you get a high enough score that you feel confident that you will ace your test. Then all you need to do is bring your original birth certificate, a recent report card from your current school, and your social security card! They direct you on how to take the permit test from there. Good luck!