Homecoming Week: Thursday

Homecoming Week: Thursday

Hannah Stai, News Editor

Heroes vs. Villains, the theme for the third day of homecoming week and today might be the most creative day yet! Today we have seen various superheroes and their arch nemesis, we have seen angels and devils, even Disney princesses and evil queens! 


Mrs. Bright, 10th grade world literature, commented about her and Mrs. Simmons outfit coordination: “We were going to go as Cathy and Samuel Hamilton from East of Eden…but we figured no one would recognize us! So, angel and devil it was.”

Pictured: Mrs. Simmons as the Devil, and Mrs. Bright as an angel.

Pictured: Landen Baynard (12) and Drew Bibby (12)

Pictured: Mrs. Koz as Harley Quinn, and Coach Hayes as The Joker (Marvel)