Featured Authors- Stephen King

Featured Authors- Stephen King

Stephan king is an American horror novelist. Author of several success stories and movies, his current net worth is currently over 500 million dollars!

Currently, Stephen Kingś ¨Best¨ Book is currently The Shining. The book is one of his best. A great, memorable story with well-developed characters. It’s not really terrifying, but it’s very unsettling since it deals heavily with themes of abuse, alcoholism, and death. The movie is also really good but in a very different way.

Stephen King has written AT LEAST 86 books in his time, and is still going! He makes an appearance in every single one of his movies, (My favorite being the truck driver in The Stand). Just like Stan Lee!

His first book was named Carrie. There have been multiple movies and remakes of these movies published since itś release.

A fun fact about Stephen King: He has survived multiple life-threatening situations, including getting hit by a bus while walking his dog! He came out of the accident completely fine! Personally, Stephen King is my favorite author. I have read around 15 of his books cover to cover, and each one gave enough effort to keep my attention the whole time.

He reveals that part of the reason he began to write is to drown that scariness out of his mind, drive those darkest fears temporarily from his mind. -And Stephen’s mother loved anything ‘horror’ and ‘scary’. He was also a huge fan of The Lord of the RIngs, and he got more inspiration to start writing from two of J.R.R. Tolkienś books.