Fake Hoco


Emma Becraft, Entertainment Editor

A group of 9 sophomores here at Whitewater High school put together a fake homecoming to make up for the loss of the homecoming dance at school. The night started with pictures on a lake and then ended at Twisted Taco for dinner and dancing in the gazebo adjacent to the restaurant. Avery Westlund, one of the girls who went explained the night: “My friend had the idea because we were all sad that school wasn’t having ours. My initial thoughts were that it was going to be super fun to see my friends because I hadn’t seen them since before school started due to the different school schedules. My favorite part about the night was probably eating at Twisted Taco while screaming at the guys there to quit saying roll tide since I’m a Georgia State fan and the game was on the TVs. I would do it again, but I still prefer the school dance because there are more people and it’s more hype I guess because everyone jumps and screams the songs. The only thing I would’ve done differently that night was taken off my heels sooner.” Avery ends her statement by saying “All in all, I definitely recommend it because it’s still fun and gives a little bit of a break from everything else going on. My advice would be to spend it with people you really enjoy being with and just enjoy your time!”