Netflix Show “In The Dark”


Maddy Couch, Writer

A newer Netflix show called “In The Dark” is about a young blind 20 year old named Murphy whose life is far from perfect. She has a job with her parents at a dog adoption center, everyone seems to hate her, she’s always messing up and her only friends are her roommate Jess, Tyson and her guide dog. Tyson is a sweet, teenager who saved her from a violent ending from a mugger. Although she admits her life isn’t great, she likes it and even though she won’t admit it, she cares for her friends and family a lot. Her world gets turned upside down when she goes out for a walk with her guide dog, towards her and Tyson’s spot. Murphy stumbles upon what she believes she felt was Tyson’s lifeless body. No one believes what she found, but she is determined to solve this mystery. Did she really find Tyson’s body? Who killed him? If he’s alive, where is he? Why won’t anyone believe her?