How to Save Money as a High School Student


Makayla Childs, Writer

Saving money is definitely not easy as it seems for a teenager. There’s gonna be places you wanna go and things you wanna do but you remember that you also wanna start saving money. Well I have a couple tips and tricks but also a couple things you can do so that you can save money and still have fun as a teenager.

Step 1: Don’t spend your money on unnecessary stuff unless you need it. It means don’t go around giving away money on things that’ll some day end up under your bed.

Step 2: Start a savings jar where you start putting your change that you get from spending money.

Step 3: This is very much optional but get a job. You don’t always have to get a job to make money but you can do things you enjoy doing like babysitting or drawing for people.  A lot of people are starting businesses so maybe that’s something for you.

Step 4: Make sure you have an interest in whatever you’re doing because If you don’t you’ll start to hate yourself.

Step 5: Enjoy being a teenager and don’t overwork yourself or miss out on the actions of life.