Best Halloween Movies Continued


Maddy Couch, Writer

Classic halloween movies can be watched anytime, but since it’s October you might as well watch some of the best family Halloween movies. Here are some more classic halloween movies to watch with you friends, family, or even by yourself. The first movie is “The Addams Family”. This movie is about a man who claims to be Gomez Addams’s missing brother, Fester Addams. The family is thrilled to see him, and the plan seems to be going well. However, Morticia Addams suspects the man is a fraud because of how little he recalls from their childhood with Gomez. Throughout the movie the man claiming to be Fester begins to fall in love with the idea of being a part of the family and has to make the decision of choosing his mother and sticking with the plan or staying with the Addams family. The next move is the classic “Beetlejuice”. A couple, Barbare and Adam Maitland die in an awful car accident and find themselves stuck haunting their old home, unable to leave. A family soon buys the home, which Barbare and Adam do not like and attempt to scare them off, but sadly fail. Their failed attempts get the attention of a deceitful, and dangerous Beetlejuice. A rambunctious spirit who says all he wants to do is “help”, but he soon becomes a danger to Maitands and the family.