Best Dressed Week 6

Makayla Childs, Writer

As we evolve and change, so does our taste in everything. Fashion is just one of the many things that has changed. From the length to the designs being made, it never stays the same. From time to time the old-styled fashion makes a comeback and is a roaring success. But of course, it all depends on what is “in” with the majority of people. From the season to a certain day, style may be dictated to best suit a person and/or style.

People should be able to express how they want to dress without breaking the dress code. I want people to come in simple but cute outfits, I’m not saying that you don’t have to be comfortable. Just try and be yourself as much as possible because you don’t wanna be something you’re not. I wanna be able to see your character or who you are through your outfit. 

This week, I have chosen two lovely ladies whose outfits were straight fire. Im talking about “Can Someone CALL 911”, the energy that was brought with these outfits set my soul on fire. For the first one, I saw Kristina Costley dripping in juice with her Butterfly shirt with some loose ripped jeans and white sneakers. As a person extremely attracted to butterflies and their magical powers, I was stunned. She got her pants from Old Navy and the rest of her fit came from Rue21. She also stated why she chose this particular outfit, “I just liked the way it looks and it had a really dope vibe”.  Last but not least, I have one of the most iconic outfits I’ve seen dedicated to Halloween. Andy Wheeler’s outfit was muah fabulous, If I say so myself. Andy decided to wear an orange and black sweater that has some flames on them with some orange pants and black shoes. I asked her a couple questions like where’d she get her outfit and what her inspiration was and she stated that “Halloween is coming soon, so I was inspired to wear an outfit with the iconic halloween colors orange and black”. She also stated that she loves baggy work pants a lot because the shapes are interesting.