Netflix Show: The Umbrella Academy

Maddy Couch, Writer

The Umbrella Academy is about several women who all of a sudden become pregnant, with no signs of pregnancy the day before. Seven of the children who are born are adopted by a billionaire who spends his time figuring out what are the powers of these children. He spends his life training each child on how to use their powers for good, to watch over the world, and protect them, coming up with the “Umbrella Academy” as a way to train them all. As time goes on they move, the team disbands and moves on with their lives soon after one of them disappears. They all come back home after their “father,” Hargreeves’ passing assuming it’s a natural death. Some of the team believes that their father was murdered by some of their enemies and they work together to solve the case. Their different personalities all come crashing down on each other making it even more difficult to solve this possible murder case, but that seems to not be the only issue. A global apocalypse seems to be arriving very soon and they must all come together to prevent this horrible event from taking place. Will they all survive? Who killed their father? Will they be able to stop the apocalypse?