Update: How Teachers Feel About going Code Green

Maddy Couch, Writer

After going back to school full time, let’s get an update on how teachers are feeling. Some teachers really enjoy having everyone back in class, especially with learning.Whitewater math teacher Mrs. Pepples illustrates,”I am excited to have all my students back every day. I love seeing and talking with my students and don’t really enjoy trying to teach math through the computer.” Having everyone together makes for a more positive environment for the teachers and students. Although most teachers agree they enjoy the code green setting, they would much rather continue with the one virtual day a week. Whitewater english teacher Mrs.Poss explains,”have enjoyed merging our classes, but it would be beneficial for the teachers and students to still have that Wednesday off. It would give teachers time to plan and to fully sanitize their rooms, as well as give students the opportunity to complete or make up assignments.” Most seem to agree that the virtual day a week, really helped out both the teachers and students. It helped keep students and teachers on board with work and updating assignments. All around most seem to enjoy being back full time. We will continue to enjoy each other’s company and stay safe by wearing our masks. There will be new updates, regarding how teachers and students are feeling on current situations.