Julie and The Phantoms


Maddy Couch, Writer

On September 10th, 2020 a new show released on Netflix. The new show is called Julie and The Phantoms, which is about a young girl who recently lost her mother. The loss of the mother caused her to lose her way with her love of music, but she later on meets these 3 ghosts. These 3 teenage, boy ghosts named Luke, Alex, Reggie are from a band called Sunset curve, who unexpectedly passed.They reappear back in their old garage where Julie and her family now live, soon after they inspire Julie to get back into music. All of them come together and create a band called Julie and The Phantoms, no one else can see the ghost except Julie that is however, until they sing. Jukie and her new ghostly band must fool everyone into thinking it’s a hologram. Will Julie be able to fool everyone or will she end up having to come clean. Watch as Julia and The Phantoms go on a journey together playing their music.