Concerts During Covid-19


Griffin Brumbelow, Writer

One of the saddest casualties from this pandemic is the loss of concerts. Fortunately, many venues have made concerts a possibility once again. The New York Times reports “Findings from a test event with 1,200 attendees suggest that indoor concerts have a “low” impact on infection rates, providing they are well ventilated and follow hygiene protocols.” This is exciting news for concert lovers around the world.

Many concert venues have changed their concert format to an outside, socially distanced experience. The Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton is offering a concert series called ”Drive-In At The Speedway”. Concert goers can purchase a pass which enables cars with up to 4 patrons to park in a spot that is socially distant from other cars, and allows the spectators to tailgate around their automobile while seeing their favorite bands perform on an outside stage. Check out to view the extensive lineup.