Volleyball Places Third in State

Nolan Brown, Sports Editor

Following a trip to the state playoffs, the Lady Wildcats suffered a tough loss to Blessed Trinity, falling just shy of competition in the 5A state championship. Ashli Cox, a Junior on the varsity team, described the atmosphere leading up to the games, “The day before the game the team practice went very well, but for me as an individual, there was still a bit of nervousness because we were playing such an accomplished school. I definitely think that my personal nervousness carried over into game day, but I think I was able to pull through. The team as a whole battled very well. Do I think we could have done better, yes. I have always set high standards for the team and I have always expected a win, but then again this is a school that won state last year, so I’m not disappointed at all. The season for me went very well. I saw a lot of individuals progress as the season went on. I also think the bond we had as a team became very strong over time, and I am very lucky to have experienced my junior season with those group of girls.” Battling it out till the final set, our wildcats certainly did not disappoint this year, finishing 25-3 in the season and performing phenomenally against a variety of competition. Filled with talent and an amazing coaching staff, success is sure to follow in their wake for years to come, setting a culture of excellence that is sure to prevail.

Featured is Junior Candace Walker
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