Best Dressed Week 7

Makayla Childs, Writer


As we evolve and change, so does our taste in everything. Fashion is just one of the many things that have changed. From the length to the designs being made, it never stays the same. From time to time the old-styled fashion makes a comeback and is a roaring success. But of course, it all depends on what is “in” with the majority of people. From the season to a certain day, style may be dictated to best suit a person and/or style.

People should be able to express how they want to dress without breaking the dress code. I want people to come in simple but cute outfits, I’m not saying that you don’t have to be comfortable. Just try and be yourself as much as possible because you don’t wanna be something you’re not. I wanna be able to see your character or who you are through your outfit. 

Without further undue, I present to you this weeks’ best dressed. In the first corner, we have Kris Smith with the best taste in clothes and shoes. Kris’ outfit is literally the reason I will come to school every day and make straight A’s. The effort put into this outfit is just amazing. From the looks of it, Kris has paired this tongue stinging sensation outfit with some black thigh-high boots. For those of you who are wondering where Kris got this marvelous outfit, they got it from online but their inspiration is a 2000’s ball goth concert.

For the next contestant, we have Torreona Louis who’s outfit would be mistaken for an outfit in a high fashion magazine. She was dripping in swagger as you could find her victims picking up the guts they spilled on the floor. Torreona is rocking a super large crewneck sweatshirt along with some baggy pants she stole from her mom’s closet. She stated that she doesn’t have an inspiration and that she just loves stealing stuff from her mom’s closet. If you didn’t get picked this year then hopefully you’ll get picked for next week.