“Operation Christmas Drop”

Maddy Couch, Writer

A new Christmas movie called, “Operation Christmas Drop” was released on November 5, 2020. This new Christmas movie is an American Christmas romantic comedy film and directed by Martin Wood. This new movie is about a young woman, Erica who is a congressional assistant in Washington, DC. She is given the task of investigating a US Air force bases in Guam, she intends to find a reason to recommend its closure. An Ari force commander, named Andrew is chosen to show Erica around the bases. This particular base has a yearly tradition of airlifting goods to the citizens of Guam for Christmas. Andrew shows Erica all of these islands and shows her that this tradition is important and worth keeping the base. Although throughout the movie Erica and Andrew seem to have a romantic relationship blooming from this situation. Will Erica recommend closing down the bases? Will Andrew and Erica allow their romantic relationship to bloom or will they shut it down? What will happen if the base is closed down? Watch Operation Christmas Drop on Netflix. It’s never too early to start the Christmas traditions!