Whitewater State XC Meet


Nolan Brown, Sports Editor

Last Saturday, November 7th, the Whitewater cross country team competed in the 5A state meet, entering as the 16th seed overall. Sophomore Sarah Nell Harp weighed in on the meet and the events of last Saturday, an experience that was resoundungly “amazing”. She then carried on, “It allows me to push myself and strive for my goals. The team is announced two weeks before state, so we have those two weeks to prepare…the atmosphere is amazing, and I think its great that we are all training for a shared goal. I love cross country because it is a team sport yet everyone has individual goals, and state is really fun because we have traditions that go along with it. Two days before competition we had a team state dinner and enjoyed each others company, overall it was great to challenge myself, have great experiences with the team, and to see others push themselves.” The team placed 13th overall in the state, three places above their projected rankings, and outperforming expectations. Their strong finish was the perfect end to a successful season as focus now shifts to next year’s competition, in what will surely be a pleasure to watch.