No Tourists Allowed: Countries Who Have Banned Touristic Travelling During the Pandemic


Hannah Stai, News Editor

During this pandemic, many have often tried to resemble some normalcy by trying to continue their annual vacation. With so many places to go on this Earth, countries have been given the choice of how they want to proceed with tourists and the like. 

Some tourism favorites, such as Turkey, have been welcoming visitors for months now with little to no restrictions. While other places, like Argentina, have opened their doors with caution, by allowing citizens from neighboring countries to visit. And some countries have completely shut down from the outside world.

Ekom Nkam Falls, Cameroon

Starting in Africa, Algeria has no international commercial flights and is restricting travel down to repatriation cases. And in Burundi and Cameroon, tourists will be awaiting the announcement of their travel.

In Asia, Japan is only allowing business travelers. China and any administrative regions of China such as Hong Kong or Macau have also restricted tourism flights. According to, India is currently cut off from the public until November 30, when the restraint will be reevaluated. And of course, even before the pandemic, no tourism will be allowed in the proclaimed “Hermit Kingdom,” also known as North Korea. 

Sydney, Australia


Throughout the whole country, Australia has also restricted tourism along with New Zealand, as their cases remain very low.

Over westward in the Americas, Canada has also restricted tourism for both citizens in and out of the said country until it is deemed safe enough to do so. Chile and Uruguay also remain closed to tourists.