Senior Advice to Freshmen

Emma Becraft, Entertainment Editor

This year has been weird. There’s no denying that. This year has been especially hard for Freshmen because along with having to keep up with deadlines and curriculum they also have to adjust to a whole new environment. Something that might help ease that adjustment is a Senior giving their advice after learning it the hard way. Morgan Anderson was ready to share her experiences. “My advice to freshmen: I can’t stress this enough but just because you know a lot about one particular subject doesn’t mean you have to find a career to fit that. I spent the first three years determined to go into business because it was all I knew. I then realized going into senior year that there’s no reason you can’t learn new things. Now I’m going to Georgia Southern to get my biology degree and eventually make my way to an occupational therapist for pediatrics. What you think you want to do will change a million times. Don’t be set on one thing because you’re scared to try something new.” This goes for all grades. You have a whole life ahead of you and high school only takes up 4 years. Take time to take care of yourself and know that you don’t have to have everything figured out right now. Now go forth and have fun being a teenager! It only lasts so long.